Director Director

Mr. Dana Beukes
Director of Deeds Registration

Vision and Mission Vision and Mission


To become a world class provider in land registration services and information.


The mission of the Deeds Registry is to enhance service delivery to our customers by speeding up the computerisation process, decentralising services and improving security of tenure and management of records.

Core Functions Core Functions

  • Registration of real rights in land
  • Maintenance of land registers
  • Provision of land registration information
  • Safe keeping of records and data

Divisions Divisions

The Directorate of Deeds Registry comprises two divisions:

The DDR comprises two divisions:

  • Division for Centralised Registration Northern Regions; and
  • Division for Centralised Registration Central and Sourthern Regions.

In addition, the DDR has an Office of the Registrar of Deeds, which serves both Divisions

Overview of Services Overview of Services

The Directorate of Deeds Registry (DDR) has a system that registers or transfers and records freehold property rights and other real rights attached to large and small parts of Namibia's land. The real property rights are registered to ensure security of tenure and to facilitate the provision of credit facilities to the owners or holders of such rights.

Deeds registration is guided by two Acts of Parliament and accomanying regulations:

  • Deeds Registries Act, Act 47 of 1937 and regulations
  • Registration of Deeds in Rehoboth Act, Act 93 of 1976

The office of the Registrar of Deeds in the Directorate of Deeds Registration (DDR) is responsible for the registration of immovable properties and real rights granted by financial institutions in the country.

Currently the DDR operates from two offices, the Windhoek Deeds Office and the Rehoboth Deeds Office.  The Rehoboth office provides only title registration services for the constituency and town of Rehoboth and agricultural land surrounding the town.  The Windhoek office provides deeds registration services and all other deeds-related services for all other regions and constituencies in Namibia.

Statutory law obliges the Deeds Offices to register deeds within the prescribed period of eight days, and to follow the set of procedures and processes outlined in the Deeds Registries Act of 1937 and summarised in the diagram below.

Deeds Registration Process Deeds Registration Process

Directorate of Deeds Registration: Registration Process - 8 Days (max)
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