Procurement Procurement

  1. Awards
  2. General Conditions of Contract
  3. Notice to Suppliers
  4. Public Procurement Act and Public Procurement Regulations
  5. Bid Opening Information
  6. Expression of Interest
  7. Advertisments of Tenders
No Description Procurement Reference Closing Date
1 Request For Quotations to Procure the Renovation of the MLR Assigned House No: 11 Ross Street, WHK West. W/RFQ/25-01/2018 14 December 2018
2 Request to Facilitate the Printing of the 2017 Annual Communal Board Report. NCS/RFQ/25-62/2018 14 December 2018
3 Procurement of Binding Material for the Deeds Documents for the Directorate of Deeds Registration. G/RFQ/25-28/2018 14 December 2018
4 Supply and delivery of Farm Implements for On-Going Resettlement Projects. G/RFQ/25-25/2018 14 December 2018
5 Request for Quotations for Stationaries and Refreshments for the Ministry Of Land Reform. G/RFQ/25-29/2018 14 December 2018
6 Request for Quotations for Printing and Delivering of the Annual Report 2017/2018 for the Ministry of Land reform. NCS/RFQ/25-61/2017

14  December 2018

Time: 15:00

7 Request for Quotation for Furniture for Land Tribunal G/RFQ/25-33/2018

21 December 2018

Time: 15:00

8 Request for Quotations for Cartridge and Letterheads for the Office of the Minister G/RFQ/25-32/2018

17 December 2018

Time: 15:00