Director Director

Mr. Ndilipunye Shanyengana
Surveyor General

Mandate,Vision and Mission Mandate,Vision and Mission


The mandate of the Directorate of Survey and Mapping is to collect, process, maintain and disseminate updated and accurate geospatial data to the public.


To be a premier provider of geospatial information and services in Africa.


To accelerate the process of providing the most accurate and up to-date accessible geo-spatial information to our customers.

Core functions Core functions

  • Examination and approve cadastral survey records,diagrams and general plans
  • Digitise and revise topographical maps
  • Create a digital cadastral database
  • Acquisition of aerial photography and production of orthophotogrphy
  • Establishment and maintain of Namibia's Geodetic Network
  • Survey and demacation of state Land
  • Production of Customizes maps
  • Professional advice on acquision and application of geo-spatial data

Aerial Image Aquisition Blocks Aerial Image Aquisition Blocks

A systematic acquision aerial photos for the whole of Namibia commenced in 2007 with the northern part of Namibia.

The DSM had previously divided the country into 3 blocks for mapping purposes, and the same blocks are used for this acquision of aerial images.

The images acquired are at sub-metre resolution in digital colour (RGB) as well as Near Infrared (NIR).

  • Block 1: was flown in 2007.
  • Block 2: was flown in 2012
  • Block 3: (covering the southern regions): on going.

Overview of Services and Main Actors Overview of Services and Main Actors

Survey and mapping are two basic requirements for efficient physical and development planning, and for the competitive modernisation of cities and towns. As the national authority for survey and mapping in Namibia, the  Directorate of Survey and Mapping (DSM) provide proffessional services and advice to the gorvernment, parastatals, private companies and the general public on the matter relating to survey and mapping, and derives its main mandate from Land Survey Act, 1993 (No.33 of 1993).

Essentially the DSM is Resposible for:

  • Defining and demarcating Namibia's internal boundaries and national borders.
  • Developing the related topographical information.
  • Generating spatial records of land ownership, access rights, licenses and concessions. 

The DSM performs these essential functions through three core divisions:  the Division of Survey and Land Information, the Division of Mapping and GIS; and the Division of Geomatics.

The DSM is run by a Surveyor-General, and its staff includes proffessionals  in land surveying, expecrts on Geographical Information Systems(GIS), cartographers, photogrametrists and administrators.

Survey Mandate Survey Mandate

    Cadastral Survey

  •    Supervision and control of cadastral surveys of:

                  New townships
                  Resettlement farms
                  Communal land, 

  •      Review the subdivisions/consolidations, townships applications and assign new parcel numbers
  •      Provide cadastral and survey information to all involved agencies and the public

    Survey Examination

  • Examine and approve survey records in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Create Noting sheets and General plans of towns and villages
  • Keep and update Land Information System
  • Capture cadastral records
  • Design and develop a database model that integrates all DSM cadastral and surveying data
Survey of State Land

The Office of the Surveyor-General plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the cadastral records, and by so doing, ensure that the property market is secured. Namibia has one of the best-kept and reliable cadastral archives.

The examiners at the Office of the Surveyor-General scrutinize the submitted survey records before they are certified fit for registration at the Deeds Registry.  Each survey record is checked whether it adheres to the Land Survey Act, on mathematical correctness and reference to existing geodetic controls, and if all necessary consents are present, valid and complied with.

The Surveyor-General report on the 2015/16 finacial year conveys the following:

  • Lodged: 1,143 Survey Diagrams, 60 General Plans and 57 Resettlement Diagrams lodged for examination
  • Approval: 1,277 Survey Diagrams, 48 General Plans and 26 Resettlement farm Diagrams were approved
  • Plans and diagrams not approved were eithet returned to the Land surveyor for coreection or are pending.

What We Can Offer To You What We Can Offer To You

We offer the following (upon payment of the prescribed fees):

  • Topographic Maps at the scales, 1:50 000; 1:100 000; 1:250 000 and 1: 1 000 000
  • Digital products from maps that are already in digital form. Topographic.maps in raster format at 1:50 000; 1:100 000; 1:250 000 and 1: 1 000 000
  • Digital and hardcopy of customised products
  • Aerial photos and orthophotos
  • Scanning and printing of maps and images
  • Copies of erven and farm boundaries
  • Coordinates of Trigonometric points and Benchmark heights
  • Transformation of coordinates
  • Copies of Noting Sheets, General Plans and Survey Diagrams
  • Digital cadastral data
  • Windhoek street map
  • Regional maps for Zambezi, Oshana, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Omusati and Kavango East and West
  • Provide customized digital and hardcopy data/map using the available data in our care