Director Director

Mr. Eric Ndala
Director of Planning, Research, Training and Information Services




Striving to be the face of the Ministry by facilitating breakthrough results and engaging key stakeholders in sustainable relationships.



To proactively coordinate effective and transparent ministerial strategy execution.

Introduction Introduction

The Directorate of Planning, Research, Training and Information Services (PRTIS) is a non-sectoral and central directorate whose main responsibility is to coordinate developmental planning, monitor and evaluate programmes and projects, conduct action research and facilitate feasibility studies for the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement. The Directorate is further responsible for the update of the website and production of information and communication materials that serve as a medium of communication with the public and the outside world.

Strategic objectives

  • Enhance organizational performance
  • Ensure access to quality land information
  • Strengthen relationship with key stakeholders
  • Develop capacity of statutory bodies (Land Reform Advisory Commission)
  • Improve financial management and control