Communal Land Registration Communal Land Registration

Land Boards, Tenure and Advice (LBTA) Land Boards, Tenure and Advice (LBTA)

 Mandate of LBTA

 The LBTA is Mandated to:

  • To implement the Communal Land Reform Act (Act no. 5 of 2002);
  • To amend the Communal Land Reform Act;
  • To provide administrative support to Communal Land Boards countrywide;
  • To ensure development of communal land; and
  • To oversee and facilitate the administration and management of communal land in all regions.

Core Functions of LBTA

  • Coordination of CLBs  meetings and Investigating Committees.
  • Compilations of the Land Boards quarterly and annual reports.
  • Render advice on land related disputes referred to Ministry.
  • Processing of allowances of CLBs, Appeal Tribunal & Committees.
  • Render logistical support to CLBs (funds, equipment, furniture, etc).
  • Capacity Building of CLBs.
  • Facilitate the assessment and development of communal lands (Leaseholds).
  • Development of policies and legislation for communal lands.
  • Facilitate the allocation of customary land rights exceeding prescribed size in terms of hectares.
  • Training of Communal Land Boards and Traditional Authorities on matters related to communal lands and tenure systems.
  • Development of leasehold agreements and selections criteria for rights of leaseholds.
  • Facilitate and monitor the survey and mapping of communal lands and tenure systems.
  • Prepare and ensure proper utilization of the Division’s operation and development budgets.