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Purpose of the 2nd Land Conference (18-22 September 2017) Purpose of the 2nd Land Conference (18-22 September 2017)

"The land question is a political, social and economic issue. It is about addressing dispossession, equity and promoting productive and sustainable livelihoods through implementin programmes targeted at poverty eradication. Therefore, after 27 years of implementing the 24 Consensus Resolutions on Land that were reached during the 1991 National Land Conference on Land Reform and the Land Question, the Ministry, as articulated and directed in the Harambee Prosperity Plan, 2016/17 - 2019/20 found it important to once again re-group, consult and accord the Namibian Nation the platform to contribute on the direction that the current Land Reform process should take. This call is made to all Stakeholders to review the progress made, challenges encountered and prospose ways to expedite the Land Reform programme." - Honourable Utoni Nujoma, Minister of Land Reform (10 July 2017).

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